The Biazar Group


From inception to closing, the Biazar Group offers a seamless approach to new construction and development. As a developer client, we continuously bring forth land, tear-down and rehab opportunities along with an analysis of their highest and best use based on our extensive market knowledge and experience. Our in-house Design Department will provide space planning consultations, working with developers to evaluate existing floor plans and make improvements and enhancement recommendations to optimize the market appeal of each project. In addition, the design team works closely with developers to select both exterior and interior finishes. This not only helps create a consistent look while still providing personalized options for buyers but also helps our clients gauge cost and create an organized plan with their contractors.

A presentation package is created for each new construction project showcasing all of the unique selections and finishes. This package includes project highlights, floor plans, a design look book with visuals of selection options and a detailed specification sheet which additionally serves as a finish schedule for buyers, sales agents, designers and project managers to reference during the construction process. This document is included as an exhibit to the sales contract to ensure that all parties are working in harmony.

Managing all of the different moving parts and people involved in the development and construction process is our specialty. In addition to our detailed documentation, we’ve hired an independent photographer to take weekly site visit photographs in order to keep developers and purchasers of pre-construction properties up-to-date on the building progress. Our approach has transformed an experience that can often be chaotic and stressful for developers and buyers alike into one that is smooth and efficient.

We work extremely hard to optimize the development process and are passionate about representing clients that are also committed to our standard of excellence. In this section, you will see some of the developers The Biazar Group is proud to represent.